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[augen zu...] Augen Zu. was recorded in winter 1997 and is our most recent LP, although we released two maxi singles since. Check 'em out.

Martin Lutz: Vibraphon on Myriaden Übel,
Splatter: Voice on Keine Panik.
Special thanx to Frenzi and the Highline Studio, Munich.

 1.Alpha-Strahlen. 7:40, mp3  ra
 2. La souris grise. 3:42, mp3  ra
 3. Bodeidou. 4:28, mp3  ra
 4. Myriaden Übel. 6:59, mp3  ra
 5. Nr15. 4:25, mp3  ra
 6. Didab. 6:10, mp3  ra
 7. Keine Panik. 2:56, mp3  ra
 8. Gu-mi-flu-mi. 6:57, mp3  ra

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